District Mallertshofen

Kirche in Mallertshofen

In the mid-19th-century, the house and tax register for the tax community of Oberschleißheim (kept at the Bavarian State Archives in Munich) listed the small Mallertshofen farm as property of the Kgl. Staatsgutverwaltung (royal holdings administration) in Schleißheim and itemized: one residential house, one shepherd’s dwelling with sheep shelter, stables, a barn and a wooden hut.




Eventually, in 1878, the stables, the barn and the wooden hut were removed; two years later, what was left followed. A page in the register dated “III. quarter, 1880” notes: “Deletion: the entire property, b/c of demolition”.

The sole remaining building was the small Mallertshofen church dedicated to Saint Martin and situated to the north-east of the “Kreuzhof” inn.

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