District Hochmutting

Hochmutting cemetery, ca. 1930

In the course of its more than thousand years’ history, Hochmutting has changed ownership several times. At the end of the 16th century, by the time the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V finally bought the property, Oberhochmutting (Upper Hochmutting) – where today the cemetery is located – was part of the estate of the Bernried monastery, and Unterhochmutting (Lower Hochmutting), the manor, belonged to the estate of the Indersdorf monastery. There were two hermitages there, too – the “Nikolausklause” and the “Jakobsklause”, the latter of which today is the cemetery chapel.

Hochmutting cemetery was consecrated on May 12, 1805, after it was no longer possible to hold funerals at the Mittenheim cemetery due to the expulsion of the Franciscans from Schleißheim.

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