District Badersfeld

Badersfeld - Staatliche Versuchsgüterverwaltung (state research farm administration office)
By a decree of the State Ministry of the Interior dated January 3, 1924, Oberschleißheim’s most western town district was named “Badersfeld”. This was also to honor Franz Xaver Bader (1881-1958), whose successful cultivation of barren marshland meant a new chance for many people to provide for themselves in a time of severe hardship.

In their stories, older inhabitants of Schleißheim liked to remember the marsh as it was before draining. After days of heavy rain, large, shallow lakes would stretch across the land, creating a paradise for water and swamp birds of all kinds. During the First World War, following plans devised by Assessor Bader around 300 French prisoners of war drew deep drainage channels through the Schleißheim marshlands, allowing the water levels to drop and thus creating the building ground for the new housing area.

Large families and war veterans were the new town district’s first inhabitants. With diligence and perseverance they managed to wrest moderate crops from the soil. The fight against a harsh environment very quickly made Badersfeld a tightly knit community whose trademarks are the fire department (est. 1924) and, first and foremost, the amateur theater group.

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